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Project Tracker 3.5

Project Tracker 3.5: Track hours and materials for projects or jobs. Networkable, includes reports. PROJECT TRACKER is a simple yet powerful tool used to keep track of multiple projects or jobs against what was quoted. This allows the project manager to keep in check how projects have progressed against original estimates. You can now log hours and materials used for a project. This version allows multiple users on a network to enter tasks associated to a project. This becomes powerful when different people work on the same project. A useful project

Project Clock Standard 9.12: Easy to use project time recording program
Project Clock Standard 9.12

Project Clock is an easy to use project time recording program. Project Clock is a useful application for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must track time spent on different projects. Very accurate billing records are recorded by easily punching in and out for each project. Reports summarize all billed project time in the specified time period. Clients can be billed with the simple invoicing feature. You can administer project estimates

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project2planner 2.0

project plans created by MS-Project (MPP files) to Smartworks Project planner (PPR) format. Users can now share the MPP files with others who do not have MS-Project freely. Now your customers can view the progress of their project in terms of gantt charts , Network diagrams and other graphical charts even if they do not have MS-Project installed in their system. . However the user cannot modify the project plan or print it. Users can use the freeware

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Project Risk Management Handbook 2.0: The Project Risk Management Handbook learns you how to optimize project risks.
Project Risk Management Handbook 2.0

project risk management effort. The handbook contains a number of practical tests that help you to identify the weak spots in your project and company, and implement project risk management effectively: How risky is your project? What should you do to improve project risk management? What has project risk management contributed to your project success? The Project Risk Management Handbook is the book about project risks that should be on the desk

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Project Management Software 2.01: ensure projects are completed on time and on budget
Project Management Software 2.01

projects you have and categorizes them according to the level of importance. You`ll NEVER miss your deadlines anymore! Allows you to add or delete tasks from each project and tracks the percentage of completion for each project. Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you enter, so you know exactly how much time you have left for each project. The Project Management Software, boosts your productivity massively and allows

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Project Planner PE lite 4.7: Project Planner- PE lite :An  Affordable alternative to MS-Project
Project Planner PE lite 4.7

Project Planner PE lite: An Affordable alternative to MS-Project. A Professional Software to Plan, track and manage your projects. It lets you manage your projects and allows your team members to modify their task status online/real time. It also gives you control over the schedule as well as the cost expended on your project. It allows you to view at any point of time the risks which has occurred in your projects and the corresponding contingency

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ProjectBudgetManager 3.1: Project Budget Manager is a cost control and reporting program for projects.
ProjectBudgetManager 3.1

Project Budget Manager emphasizes control of project costs in preference to accounting for them after the fact. Project Budget Manager software is designed to maintain all project income and expenditure data in one comprehensive database. The Project Manager can enter the project budget in the format that most suits his needs. Project Budget Manager can track all project labor costs, invoices, purchase orders and personnel. Project Budget Manager

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